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Introducing Lucia Magnani Retexturing Radiance Mask

We all yearn for radiant and younger looking skin and now we can have it, without looking for non-surgical procedures. Lucia Magnani’s Retexturing Radiance Mask combines extensively researched and clinically proven ingredients to provide essential purification, thus achieving a radiant and regenerated complexion.

Combining unique properties and therapeutic mud or ‘fango’ of Castrocaro Terme in Italy and immersed in highly beneficial ingredients such as the antioxidant Q10, vitamin E and Alpha-Lipoic Acid, this mask effectively preserves, regenerates and strengthens the structure of the skin. Loaded with natural minerals and components that provide much needed astringent properties reduces pores and redness, whilst greatly improving the skin’s texture and tone. Furthermore, this incredible formulation ensures that when it comes to rejuvenation, this mask is unequivocally superior to any other products around.

Lucia Magnani states:

“Fango mud is absolutely critical when it comes to detoxifying the skin. It rids the skin from both external pollutants and internal ones, such as those resulting from smoking and drinking. This is important because removing sources of damage from our bodies slows and can even reverse the aging process.”

Key Ingredients:

lucia magnani retexturing radiance mask

1.Physiological Antioxidants: Q10; vitamin C; vitamin E; Alpha-Lipoic Acid

2.Natural Antioxidants

3.Grape Fruit Extract

Lucia Magnani has included this ingredient due to its highly beneficial qualities. Combined in this extract is OPC – a component well known for its ability to preserve and support collagen and elastin structure, whilst also stimulating the production of collagen. In addition to this OPC is well researched and proven to thwart free radical damage, and can even reduce the appearance of redness and spots.

4.Avena Sativa Kernel Extract

This component is combined in the luxurious formula due to its ability to further redness and spots.

5.Rosa Canina Fruit Extract

This exceptional ingredient is brimming with vitamin C and bioflavonoids that offer an array of remarkable benefits for the skin. The extract offers anti-redness, toning and purifying capabilities. Furthermore, this component minimises sebaceous secretion, excessive shine and any skin blemishes.

6.Color Clay

Due to its many skin transforming qualities, this may as well be referred to as a ‘miracle clay’. Such benefits include removing impurities, improving the skin’s appearance and health, and supporting the optimum absorption of the other amazing ingredients in the formula.

7.Vitamin E and Q10

These remarkable nutrients guarantee advanced protection against free radical damage, thus enhancing exceptional rejuvenation.


Should dark spots be a concern, read on: This stable form of vitamin C actually reduces the synthesis of melanin by up to 80% and increases collagen by an astounding 50%!

9.Crodadom Rock Crystal

Lucia Magnani has combined this amazing component in the luxurious mask as it provides unrivalled anti-aging benefits whilst energizing the skin.

10.Gulf Stream Sea Water

The sea salt offers unbelievable TLC for the skin, balances cell renewal, diminishes redness and supports the skin’s natural balance! Wow!

Lucia Magnani Retexturing Radiance Mask is every bit as good as it sounds. If you are looking to invest in one good mask, this one ticks all of the boxes. After just one use the skin looks utterly rejuvenated and feels incredibly soft.

Fruk loves this!

Lucia Magnani Retexturing Mask is priced at £195 (150ml) and is available to buy from 1st October, exclusively at Harvey Nichols or online at:

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