Chanel CC cream
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Are You Looking For An Amazing CC Cream?

If you are looking for a CC cream, or are not exactly sure what one is, you have come to the right place. Whereas BB creams stand for beauty balm/ blemish balm, CC cream is short for colour correction/control. Many of us were (not long ago) scouring the Internet and shops in a BB cream frenzy, as they seemed to be the answer to all of our makeup concerns.

Well, move over BB creams – there’s a new chief in town; BB creams are our new skincare wonder. CC creams do all the work that BB creams take on, such as ward of signs of aging, hydrate, moisturise, and providing an SPF – but they also have one or two other tricks up their sleeve.

CC creams actually work as a tinted moisturiser that actively diminishes signs of blemishes, dark spots, redness, and give the complexion a beautiful luminosity. Check out these amazing BB creams that deal with a multitude of sins, leaving us feeling beautifully radiant.

1.Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream, Clinique, £28

Clinique CC Cream
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Everyone knows this season’s look is all about appearing as if you are au naturel, whilst secretly wearing makeup. This is where this CC cream works so well. Preventing the dreaded dehydrated, dry, dull, and tired look, Clinique banishes the pesky skincare problems in a flash, replacing your complexion with a natural yet perfect complexion.

2.Bobbi Brown CC Cream, SPF35, Sephora, £29

Bobbi Brown CC Cream
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This is a big miracle in a little tube. Bobbi Brown’s CC cream is oh so popular due to its magical ingredients. These include specifically formulated pigments that brighten and correct colour, as well as containing light-diffusing technology. All in all the results are beautiful and ultimate radiance.

3.Chanel CC Cream, Complete Correction, SPF50, Chanel, £44

Chanel CC cream
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Chanel is one of our all-time favourite brands – and for good reason. As with all Chanel products, the CC cream feels silky soft to touch, blends in evenly and with exceptional ease, creating an unrivalled flawless complexion. Furthermore we salute this product as it contains an SPF50. This product is well worth the extra few pounds.


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