Master The Contoured Look

When it comes to pulling off the contoured look, Kim K is a pro. However, if you want your face to resemble those immaculately contoured celebrities (and not like you came off worse in a fight with a paint brush), the technique will take a little time and practice.

If you desperately want to master the look, but can’t seem to get the hang of it, look no further than this how-to article. We have outlined the basic guidelines so you can avoid any future contouring crisis. Just follow these simple steps and you will soon be a contouring queen.

1. PreparationArtist of makeup contouring sticks                                       Preparation is always key

For this job you will need your own foundation, plus a foundation stick two shades lighter than your usual foundation, and one foundation stick that is two shades darker. You will also need a beauty blender or sponge, and some translucent powder, with brush. Once you have these, you can apply your usual foundation, which will be the base.

2.The darker shadeShades for contouring                                     Use the correct shades

Using the darker shade, draw over the temples, and up to the hairline. Next for the cheekbones: find the dip just underneath your cheekbones, and then draw on the darker shade slightly above this hollow area. Place a thinner line of this colour along your nose, from the tip to the brow. Finally, sweep the same contour colour around the edge of your chin.

3.Blendbeauty blender                                              Beauty blender (Image: Amazon)

Using your beauty blender/sponge, blend the coloured areas into your foundation base. For best results try smoothing the colour in circular movements.

4.Light upLight Colours foundation stick                                                   Lighten up

Take the lighter foundation stick and apply to the centre of the forehead, the bridge of the nose and under the eyes. Using your beauty blender once more, blend away.

5.Powder and victory smile!lady brushing face after contour                                      Brush with loose powder (Image: Telegraph)

Brush over your face with loose powder. Once this has been completed take a look in the mirror and smile at your contouring victory. Yay!

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