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Natural Sunscreens That Are Amazing For Your Skin

The sun is shining, the weather is definitely sweet – but before you lather yourself in your routine SPF and head out to the beach, you might want to reconsider which product to use. Take a look at these natural and rehydrating sunscreens that are in fact, amazing for your skin.

1.MDSolar Sciences Mineral Creme, $30, Sephora

Md Solar Sciences sunscreen
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This mineral sunscreen has an SPF50, and boasts several key advantages. Should you suffer from acne or rosacea-prone skin, MDSolar Sciences sunscreen will address these problems, helping to keep them at bay. As a mineral crème it is packed full of beneficial nutrients for your skin, ensuring you stay beautiful as well as totally protected for several hours after each application.

2.Sunolgy Natural Sunblock Lotion, $15, Amazon

Sinology Sunblock
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The 100% natural, zinc-based formula ensures you stay protected for long periods of time. Sunology’s sunblock has an SPF50, and is so lightweight it is perfect for easily irritated or sensitive skin.

3.Andre Lorent Daily Rehydrating Sunscreen, $25, Amazon

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Anything that rehydrates gets our vote. Combining seaweed extract together with a whole host of hydrating and nourishing vitamins, Andre Lorent’s sunscreen has to be one of the best. Not only is it exceptionally lightweight, but it also comes with anti-aging ingredients and is an SPF30! Hurrah!

4.Coola SPF3o Sport Spray, $32,

Coola SPF Sport Spray
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Wow, you can now get all-natural SPF sprays too! If you want a sunscreen brimming with antioxidants to enrich your skin, but also want to do your bit for the Earth, this sunscreen ticks all the boxes. Made in a solar-powered facility, the product is formulated using minimal energy, whilst creating minimal waste – awesome!

5.Sunday Riley Cashmere SPF30 Sun Defense, $125,

Sunday Riley Cashmere SPF
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Yes, yes, we realise this is a tad pricey, but when you see the benefits of using this product, you won’t ever want another sunscreen. Combining Shea butter and specially formulated minerals, the miracle sun cream actually repairs wrinkles and aids cell renewal!

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