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New A-Lister Treatments For 2016

Do you fancy looking in the mirror to a complexion as flawless as Kim Kardashian? Or perhaps you are keen to acquire a face as youthful as Victoria Beckham at the age of 40. Dermatologist for the stars, Dr Lancer has now released information on the latest treatment for radiant skin – and the A-listers are loving it!

1.The PicoWay

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Los Angeles dermatologist, Doctor Harold Lancer has a practice at Beverly Hills. Here, he recently brought out the latest beauty trend, that we can be sure will make its way to the UK. It is a high-tech laser called the PicoWay. The new laser increases collagen production and levels, improve skin tone, diminish wrinkles, and leave your skin looking flawlessly radiant.

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This laser treatment repairs and restores the skin, only taking 45minutes to complete the procedure. Dr Lancer’s view is ‘to restore what people had, rather than create what they never had’.


Jessica Alba
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A ‘shocking’ treatment Dr Lancer provides is cryotherapy. For those of you who aren’t in the know, this basically is cryogenic freezing. This is a procedure whereby the body is exposed to a minus 150-degree temperature for a short period of time. This forces a shock reaction that in turn reduces inflammation, thus speeding the skins own healing process.

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It is rumoured that Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba are huge fans of having this procedure before appearing on the red carpet, due the effects of a radiant glow.


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2016 marks the beginning of a new treatment called a cryo-facial, and it is being heralded as a highly successful treatment for reducing wrinkles and enhancing a flawless complexion.

This treatment involves extremely cold air being applied to the face for ten minutes, thus improving collagen production and providing a beautiful complexion, and reducing wrinkles.

Those of us who live in the UK and do not have the money or time to nip over to L.A for these anti-ageing therapies, the alternative comes in weather form: wait for a couple of weeks, and then step outside of the house for ten minutes or so. Your face (and body) should receive a similar effect – and without the price tag attached!





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