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Single This Valentines? We Have Just The Thing For You

Single this valentines? Don’t be bitter about it! It’s just another day and there’s no reason to be sobbing about the reasons for your single status.

We’ve come up with some great ideas, just in case you need a little pick me up and inspiration for ways to keep yourself busy on Valentine’s day!

Bake and Share

Bake baking

Baking is the best way to spend the day! If you’re up for a laugh especially if you are terrible at baking, then go for it. Whether it turns out to be a complete disaster or it does work out to be a success, you’ll not only feel great about it but get to share your freshly baked cookies with friends and family.

Single Girls Night In or Night Out

girls night out

It’s the best excuse to host a night-in, night-out or even a spa weekend with your favourite girls. Celebrate your freedom in style! So whether it’s movie night or just gossip night (our favourite kind), be sure to go all out and enjoy every bit of it.


shop shopping

Yes, that’s right, what’s the point of making others feel better if you don’t feel good yourself? So in our attempt to make you feel good we suggest you splurge on yourself! Be selfish; go ahead and buy those greatly overpriced Dior sunglasses, or that pair of Bottega Veneta heels you’ve had your eye on for ages! If you can’t make yourself feel good, no-one else will!

Pamper Yourself

bubble bath pamper relax

Loving yourself doesn’t have to stop there! Whether is skincare update, a mani or you’d like to just sit back, relax and take a bubble bath, whilst sipping on that all-expensive bottle of red wine you’ve had sitting on the top shelf. Indulge in anything for the day, maybe some chocolates, or even take-out! Do whatever makes you happy.

Embrace it

Last but not least, if you’re single this Valentines make sure you embrace it! Once you realise that you’re not missing much from not being in a relationship you won’t even care that it’s valentine’s day!

You don’t have to worry about buying expensive and extravagant gifts for anyone but yourself. Nor argue with anyone about what to watch, where to go, or what to do. You won’t need to compromise over anything (especially wardrobe space). So be thankful you have this time to yourself, single life can be great while it lasts, so just have fun with it!