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Stay Ahead Of The Game This Summer With Time Bomb’s Must-Have Products

Whether you are about to embark upon your summer hols or opting for a UK summer, these 2 must-have beauty products by Time Bomb should not be far from your side. Kiss goodbye to worrying about sun damage or not achieving that gorgeous sun-kissed look – Time Bomb have got your back (and your face).

Time Bomb Holiday In A Bottle, £30 (30ml), www.timebomb.com/uk

Credit: timebomb.com

This little product is the work of true genius. Not a bronzer or tanner, but a gem of a formula that achieves a totally natural, yet beautifully radiant sun-kissed glow. Holiday In A Bottle makes all the difference to your complexion. For those who want dewy luminosity whilst looking like you have naturally flawless skin (that’s basically everyone, right?), choose Time Bomb Holiday in a Bottle. If you need to stay out of the sun, this is the perfect solution to creating that gorgeous ‘been sunning it up on the beach all day’ look (just without the age spots, wrinkles and skin cancer).

Key Features:

Immediate sun-kissed glow during every season.

Suitable for all skin tones

Available in 2 shades (lighter or deeper), providing an instant luminous transformation for those with pale or dull complexions.

Gorgeous colour without UVA/UVB damage!

Revered for being the first “liquid sunshine!”

Bronzers are great, but they can stain your skin and last for longer than you might want. This innovative formula is not a stain, self-tanner or foundation, but instead offers your skin with a beautiful liquid sunshine glow. The innovators at Federici Brands have created an oil-free, paraben-free formula of which combines micro-pigments that burst on contact with your skin. The result is translucent colour that blends seamlessly and evenly over face, neck and décolletage, thus enhancing a natural and oh-so-enviable colour. You will be amazed at the compliments you get!

The 2 shades available are:

“Sun kissed” for lighter, honeyed sunny glow
“Suntanned” for a translucent, sunny bronze

Time Bomb Over Exposed Sun Damage Rescue, £40 (40ml), £70 (70ml), www.timebomb.com/uk

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Should you be about to jet of on your summer vacay, make sure you do not leave without firstly making sure you have this vital product tucked safely in your suitcase. Photo-damage is the main perpetrator of prematurely aging skin. Any exposure to sunlight can cause this damage but being sunburnt or loving the tan-life accelerates the problem. (One quick question – why, always, is it the things we love that harm us the most?)

Never mind, the brilliant people behind Time Bomb products have come to our rescue again – the Over Exposed Sun Damage Rescue has been shown to visibly improve the signs of long-term photo- damage. Sun Damage Rescue has been extensively researched and combines specific antioxidants and deep emollients that are clinically-proven to aid UV-exposed skin. The outcome is an improved, renewed and healthier complexion.

Key Features:

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Credit: timebomb.com

“Renews the look and feel of dry and leathery skin.”

“Helps restore skin’s natural radiance and resilience.”

“Visibly improves sign of long-term photo damage.”

Skin-Benefiting Ingredients:


This is the first skin care formula to use the superior benefits of Omega9XEster. It may be interesting to know that the vegetable-derived emollient is repurposed from saddle manufacturers who use it to maintain and restore leather to optimal smooth, supple texture.

You may be wondering whether you should be grabbing your shoe leather restorer from under your sink – the answer is NO! You would need the special ingredient Omega9XEster of which safely penetrates the top layers of skin to combat any dry, rough or leathery texture caused by photo-damage.

Bioactive Milk Peptide Complex

The specifically formulated milk peptide Complex stimulates your skin’s defenses, thus triggering the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen fibres to ensure your skin stays firm and smooth.

Antioxidant Pycnogenol

Time Bomb has included a rich supply of this powerful antioxidant due to its exceptional benefits for the skin. The antioxidant can help to thwart the impact of UV rays and may even reduce signs of photo damage. Clinical studies have also shown this component to lower skin pigment intensity, and in turn enables a more even skin tone. Result!

To view and buy these incredible products, visit: www.timebomb.com/uk


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