“Fashion is art, and fashion thus sets (style) standards. As the mirror that leads people to open themselves in new areas, new imaginary categories, fashion is also what allows something or someone to feel right as it is. In fact, fashion has a performative power – What does it means? Simply that without some magazines putting on their covers minorities, racial or sexual, these won’t be promoted as acceptable.

When it comes to speak about diversity and minority, the fashion world definitely enhance their esthetic value- yet, white models are still the figurehead of the project. Collections can be inspired by continents and countries, but they will be presented with none of their people.

The Style of Illusion illustrates a saying about the matter of cultural appropriation. How fashion can be seen as a performance to cover our weaknesses, the desire of being someone else. How pop culture affects us. Is the reflection in the mirror right? “

Directed and Produced by Maria Millan

Models: Lottie and Zahra from Bookings London.

Camara: Antoine Gourlez

Editor: Julien Camarroque

Production assistant: Antonio Curcetti

Styling: Maria Millan

Styling Assistant: Dariuz

Make Up: Magda Skoczylas

Hair: Toshinaru Kokubun

Runner: Charlyne Larue

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