Nuxe Shimmer Oil (Image:

These Beauty Products Just Hit The Shelves

Want to find out what beauty products have just hit the shelves? Discover quick fixes to glam up at the last minute for that all-important party.

1.Quick Tan

Claris self tan
 Claris Self-Tan (Image:

If you have to get ready for a party in a hurry, and are worried about pasty looking skin, all you need is some decent instant tan and some shimmer oil. Put some instant tan onto a mitt with a touch of shimmer oil, and then sweep in long motions all over the body. Two good products to use are: ‘Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tan,’£20, and M&S ‘Huile Prodigieuse Shimmer Oil’, £21, over body to avoid the unwanted pasty look.

Nuxe Shimmer Oil (Image:
  Nuxe Shimmer Oil (Image:

2.Spray On The Nail Polish

Pan Can spray on polish
  Pan Can Spray On Nail Polish (Image:

Spray on nail polish is a great new product to hit the market. It saves endless amounts of stress and time. For an ultra glam party look, try neon pink from Nails Inc., at £10.

3.Sparkle Up In A Flash

Eylure sparkle eyelashes
Eylure Sparkle False Eyelashes (Image:

If there’s one thing the party season requires, it’s sparkle. For that fast and effective wow factor, use Eylure sparkle eyelashes, £5.49 and get instantly glam.

4.Brighten Up

Elizabeth Arden eye gel
Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Eye brightening Gel (Image:  

Had a long day at the office, and only half an hour to get ready for your party? To avoid the appearance of tired eyes, why not try Elizabeth Arden’s Visible Difference Brightening Eye Gel, from Elizabeth Arden at £22.10.

5.Beautiful Brows

Aqua Brow Kit (Image:
   Aqua Brow Kit (Image:

Are your eyebrows looking a tad sparse and unappealing? If you needto sort your brows out at short notice the Aqua Brow Kit will be perfect for you. Designed to fill in, cover up imperfections, lengthen, and beautifully shape in a matter of minutes, it’s the go-to product when time is of the essence. Available from Debenhams at a reasonable £29.80

6.Pucker Up

Smashbox O-Plump (Image:
   Smashbox O-Plump (Image:

Want perfectly plumped up lips that would Kylie Jenner a run for her money? Try Smashbox’s O-Plump, available at Boots for £15.30. The O-Plump goes on a transparent shade, and then magically turns your lips to your very own amazing pink colour, whilst simultaneously plumping up your lips. Awesome!

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