What Is A Sleep Orgasm?

It is a fact that 35 per cent of women will experience a sleep orgasm before the age of 45.  A sleep orgasm also known as wet dream might seem a bit odd and it is just a fantasy but studies show that it does exist.

The phenomenon where you wake up climaxing is not just a regular pleasure for hormonal teenagers. The question is, how is this possible? Broadly reports; it occurs primarily in women aged between their 40s and mid-50s. Jade, 24, told the magazine sleep orgasms can occur a couple of times a week, with or without the help of self-pleasure. She said: “It’s a bit like a present from your brain.” 

Even mattress experts mentioned that an orgasm while sleeping is unique.

woman sleep orgasm
Image Via Paleoforwomen.com

Some people say, ‘Saucy thoughts before you go to sleep causes a sleep orgasm’. But this is a false statement. There are a number of ways of how your chances of a sleep orgasm can increase. These include; lying on your front when you sleep, being particularly tired before bed. Also when you haven’t experienced an orgasm for awhile.

Researchers and writers for ‘The Orgasm Answer Guide’ state; “There is good reason to believe that orgasms while sleeping are not, in fact, the result of genital stimulation, but instead are created in the brain.” 

Only 25 per cent of women consistently orgasmic during sexual intercourse. With experts stating that this is much more complex for women than men. Dr Debby Herbenick, associate professor at Indiana University, told Broadly; “Orgasms generally get easier with age and experience, and when women have sex with regular partners who they feel care about them, thus we see higher rates of orgasm among those in their mid to late 20s, 30s, and 40s.”

When you wake up you probably think ‘Did I just have an orgasm last night?’ Sometimes you won’t even realise if you did. It all works in the brain system and having an outer body experience. It is strange to think that we have sexual passion whilst fast asleep without anyone touching us.