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What Is Strobing And Why Should We Be Doing It?

If you are still trying to get your head around contouring, stop. There’s a new beauty trend in town and although it sounds like something that belongs in a club scene, strobing is apparently better (and easier) than its contouring predecessor. The technique involves highlighting high points on the face, thus creating an ultramodern luminosity. This new beauty craze adored by celebrities and makeup artists alike can transform your complexion into one of beautiful radiance, with Goddess-worthy defined cheekbones. How can this be? Here’s how:

1.Moisturise with radianceM.a.c Strobe cream                                                     M.a.c

Firstly, you’ll need to moisturise the skin with a luminous lotion that enhances the appearance of light on the face. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, and designed to brighten, clarify, and moisturise, M.a.c’s Strobe Cream (£24) is just the job.

2.Add a primerL'oread Magic Lumi primer                                                                 L’Oreal

If you don’t want any dry areas of skin or unsightly pores to stand out, the next step in this beauty technique is to add a primer. Fade out any skin issues with a primer. We’re loving L’Oreal’s Magic Lumi Primer (£12.77). Not only does it blur out imperfections, but also it works to replenish the skin with light particles, thus allowing the skin to glow. Perfect preparation for a gorgeous strobed look.

3.ConcealMax Factor Master touch Concealer                                                     Max Factor

The mission is to appear flawlessly radiant without thick layers of makeup being caked on to the skin. Therefore you will need a medium coverage, but lightweight concealer. Max Factor’s Master Touch Concealer (£8.99) is an awesome light-diffusing product, with a long-lasting formula to provide you with a brighter, concealed, and flawless complexion all day long.

4.FoundationMax Factor Skin Luminizer                                                   Max Factor

Max Factor’s Skin Luminizer Foundation (£11.99) is the secret weapon for an ultimate strobing performance. Its light reflecting particles ensure our face boasts a flawless and healthy gleam.

5.Highlight awayYves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat                                              Yves Saint Laurent 

The key to the strobed look is to layer products without appearing as though you have anything on your skin. In order to get the super-highlighted effect, you will need a cream highlighter, followed by a touch of powder highlighter. A great highlighting cream to use is Yves Saint Laurent touch Éclat Highlighter (£24). Add to darker areas such as the bridge and sides of your nose, underneath your eyes, corners of the mouth, etc. Complete the look with M.a.c’s Skin Finish (£24). Ensure that you get the right shade for your skin, and then apply the product to the same areas. Et voila, you’re good to glow.

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