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What You Need to Know About Coconut Oil

You would think that coconut oil’s righteous place in your house would be the kitchen, but you’re totally wrong. Coconut has a valuable place in your bathroom, right next to your daily moisturiser and hydrating facemasks. We know that everyone has different skin type and some are skeptical about putting certain products onto their skin, especially their face. But we can assure you that coconut oil is one of the safest products to add into your daily skincare routine. The non-fragrant oil is enriched with fatty acids such as, linoleic acid and lauric acid, which kills off bacteria, making it perfect for particularly sensitive skin.

Of course as most products there can be some negatives; the oil, as you know is too oily and can clogg pores, leading to acne. It’s best that you don’t use it as a bodyoil if you’re prone to acne on your chest or back. A major perk from coconut oil is its hydration. The oil instantly improves skin hydration and it’s a natural product that’s safe for your skin. If you’re dealing with eczema, coconut oil can be a very good natural remedy. To ensure this works and you’re doing it properly, apply the oil on your body and face after you’ve showered/washed your face and after you moisturise with your normal body lotion.

What else is coconut oil good for?

Nourishing hair.

The oil can be used to look after your hair, making it soft and even increasing length and thickness. We recommend using the oil twice a week, a night before washing your hair. A couple of scoops into dirty hair, from the scalp to the ends, make sure it’s all over! Then wrap it in a towel (to avoid stains on your pillow) overnight and wash next morning. You will instantly see results of shiny, thick hair.

Makeup remover.

If you’ve ran out of your makeup remover and have forgotten to get more (we all do this) then coconut oil can help remove your stubborn makeup. Get a scoop out of the jar and massage into skin, gently and rinse off with warm water.

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