Why Wearing Black Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

Black is a colour that never gets old! Whether it’s on the red carpet, a birthday celebration or a causal day out with friends, whatever the occasion everyone needs a little bit of black in their wardrobe. Firstly, it’s a great go to colour to wear when in doubt. If you’re not too sure what to wear to an upcoming event starting out with black in mind is a great idea. It would be as though you’re starting out as a blank canvas which is beneficial in so many ways, as you can dress your outfit up with coloured shoes and bold statement jewelries.

Kim Kardashian

In addition to this black is considered a slimming colour so if you’re not too comfortable with your weight it’s great for hiding things and creating the illusion of a smaller frame. If you’re going out with friends for a birthday celebration and you don’t want to uptstage the celebrant, why not put on your LBD in other words your little black dress? That is exactly why the name was created and what it’s there for.

Jennifer Lopez
(Photo by Don Arnold/WireImage)
Rihanna (Photo by Don Arnold/WireImage)

Black can be used as a statement colour within your outfit, it creates a sense of mystery if worn correctly. If you don’t fancy wearing all black it can be paired with any colour and still look very stylish. A black pair of skinny jeans, a plain over-sized black jumper or even a black jumpsuit can help to intensify your outfit.

A braided Kylie Jenner and Tyga arrive at Topanga mall after Tyga got  back to Los Angeles. October 6, 2015 X17online.com
Kylie Jenner (Photo via elizabethajomale.tumblr.com)

Celebrities are known for wearing black all the time; from that walk down the streets of LA (as seen in photo above of Kylie Jenner) to red carpet events. Below, Halle Berry dons a sexy body hugging black dress.

Photo via www.livingly.com
Photo via www.livingly.com

It’s a silent yet fierce colour that attracts attention rather than demanding it which makes it very professional. If you’re working in a formal work place environment it’s a colour that fits perfectly in the professional field. Whether it’s a plunging neckline paired with cropped trousers like Jessica Hart below or worn with a white button-up shirt inside, either way, black can be sexy in any form its worn if worn correctly.

Photo via popsugar
Jessica Hart (Photo via popsugar)

Now that we’ve explained the many benefits and endless potential that wearing black brings, you may want to consider adding some more black to your wardrobe.

Source -soladunn.blogspot.com
Photo via soladunn.blogspot.com
Photo via popsugar
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