Happy 2017 to our fabulous followers! We’d like to give you all a chance to win a selection of luxury and powerful supplements for greater energy, youth and sex from Beauty Work West worth up to £175. This cutting-edge supplements offer a perfect blend of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, and is currently one of UK’s best-sellers.  To enter to  WIN please follow the instructions below:

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BeautyWorksWest Energy is an incredible nutricosmetics supplement that works wonders in providing a natural energy boost without feeling the jitters.

Sourced via: BeautyWorksWest

BeautyWorksWest’s advanced scientific formula ensures the body receives vital nutrients, whilst simultaneously balancing the body’s hormonal shifts.  These safe, yet highly effective supplements are brimming with biodynamic  complexes of nutrients, of which not only provide skin luminosity, but also enhances our energy, libido, and youthful vitality.

The Youth supplements are already a best-seller in the UK, and are sold at Net a Porter (US and UK), Harvey Nichols, Masons, and Selfridges, to name a few.

Containing some new ingredients such as Biotin, Ceramosides, and L-Citrulline, the Youth supplement offers unprecedented benefits for your complexion, hair and nails!

This competition is for one lucky person to win a box full of these amazing BeautyWorksWest supplements worth £175.ENERGY – this new potent combination of vitamins, plant extracts, and minerals, specially designed to encourage you to kick-start your life. It is a feel good formula of vitality to help you get through your day. It contains Teacrine™, which works with the body’s natural metabolic processes to help deliver energy, encourage and increase mental clarity and helps to improve motivation and mood. Green Leaf Tea Extract is included to provide natural caffeine and is made from unfermented leaves containing a high concentration of powerful antioxidants. Other ingredients, such as Asian Ginseng Root and B vitamins, give a natural energy boost without the jitters. Energy levels are becoming an increasing concern globally and this is why a supplement such as ENERGY will boost and enhance your lifestyle in an easy, safe and time efficient way. Suitable for men and women of all ages but because of its caffeine content, it is not suitable for pregnant women.

SEX is a new super food supplement packed with amino acids, vitamins, plant extracts, minerals and herbs. These include Korean Red Ginseng and Flax seed. The proprietary blend Oxystorm is an extract of red spinach, which is one of the richest sources of nitrate in nature. Nitrate from red spinach boosts overall blood circulation and improves physical activity by increasing nitric oxide production. Susie Rogers says, “Sex is great for your overall health and wellbeing, and practiced regularly can make you look and feel up to ten years younger. Hectic and stressful lifestyles reduce the libido, yet this is one area that is so important to trigger your feel good endorphins!’ SEX food supplement is formulated to encourage and support circulation, enhance libido and is an all-natural formula. Suitable for men and women.

YOUTH (reformulated) – this famed formulation is at the core of the range and has re-launched as a multivitamin supplement, topped-up with new breakthrough ingredients to cover all the nutritional requirements that the body needs to maintain a healthy, glowing and vibrant new you! An impressively potent combination of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts, YOUTH is now infused with Biotin and Ceramosides, plus L’Citrulline and L’Glutamine. You will start to notice an improvement in the quality of your skin, hair and nail growth and the difference in your hormonal balance. YOUTH also helps improve sleep patterns and encourages better moods.


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